Semikolon B5 Notebook

I was always a user of planners. While a filofax is my choice when it comes to planning for the future, I find that it offers little help when it comes to tracking the past with a view to maximise personal growth. This is why I decided I wanted to start a journal. A place where I can talk about what happened on a particular day, the things I learned and the mistakes I made so that I remember them and not repeat them in the future.

I am usually a fan of soft cover notebooks but for my journal I wanted something out of the ordinary. In the end, I decided to go with the Semikolon Classic B5 with blank paper in the sun colour cover which I purchased from Fred Aldous for around £20. I chose this size as I thought A4 would be way too big and A5 way too small. B5 is the perfect half-way house measuring at 18.5 x 30.5 cm.


When I ripped the plastic wrapper I immediately noticed the linen texture of the hard cover. It is very pleasant to hold and it gives the notebook a premium feel.


On the inside, the paper is thick (100 g/m2) and is textured. The texturing however comes in a tiny parallel pattern which apart from making the notebook look and feel premium, it doubles as lines. The result is that you have the freedom of blank paper without the crooked handwriting.



As you can see, the paper performs quite well. There is no feathering or bleed-through in all inks including the sharpie. There is however some show-through in most which is strange considering the thickness of this paper.


Overall, I find the Semikolon B5 a great choice for anyone looking for a new notebook to write or sketch. My only problems with it are that while the paper is fountain pen friendly, it lacks the smoothness of the likes of Rhodia or Clairefontaine.